Black Heron Spirits Slideshow
  • Ink Vodka

    photos/Ink Vodka.png

    Clear as the Cascade snow, with a hint of desert winds, Ink is made from Washington State barley. Distilled four times, hints of chocolate and caramel entice your palate to another sip. Check out our Cocktail Revival tab for recipes. Aroma: Chocolate and Caramel. Taste: Smooth and rich with a creamy texture. Finish: Long and pleasant the chocolate and caramel just don’t want to leave.

    Ink Vodka
  • Rayn Anjel Gin

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    This is not your mother’s gin. The juniper berry is a bit softer than most gins allowing the other botanicals to dance across your tongue. Experience Rayn Anjel for yourself. You won’t be sorry. Rayn Anjel has a fresh, floral aroma and is as clean as the Western Washington rains. Check out our Cocktail Revival tab for recipes. Aroma: Soft pine, lavender and sage Taste: Crisp and clean with a few hidden surprises: not piney and not what you expected. Finish: Can keep up with tonic or on its own.

    Rayne Anjel Gin
  • Brushfire Pepper Vodka

    photos/Brushfire Vodka.png

    A pepper vodka that is hot enough to get your taste buds going but not so hot that you won’t be able to enjoy your Bloody Mary. Not to say you can’t drink this spicy dance of peppers on its own or as a sauté or marinade for pasta, seafood and meats. Check out our Cocktail Revival tab for recipes. Aroma: Peppers, spicy and exotic Taste: A bit of heat followed by smooth gentle Schezaun and Black pepper Finish: Long and enticing

  • Black Heron Brandy

    photos/Black Heron Brandy.png

    Our brandy is made from the Pinot Gris grape and aged in used port barrels. Using port barrels gives our brandy a mellowness similar to port and imparts a bit of the color too. Can you taste the chocolate on top of crisp Pinot Gris? Treat this brandy as you would and Cognac and you can’t go wrong. Aroma: Pinot Gris wine and port barrels Taste: Crisp white wine with a bit of chocolate Finish: Full and long like any cognac

    Black Heron Brandy
  • Lemoncello


    An Italian basic come to America and loses some of its sweetness. Made from grape based vodka, zested lemons and just enough sugar to be refreshing, Lemoncello could be the Northwest answer to the Mint Julep… only better. Lemoncello can be served over lemon sorbet, cheesecake, and fruit salad, used in mixed drinks and even added to your regular ice tea. Serve from the freezer for your greatest enjoyment. Check out our Cocktail Revival tab for recipes. Aroma: Sweet lemon, sunshine and a cool breeze Taste: Lemon (of course) followed by a subtle sweetness Finish: Refreshing and cool

  • Huckleberry Cordial

    photos/Huckleberry Cordial.png

    Remember eating huckleberries, up in the mountains, as a kid? The fresh air and berry flavor unlike any other…mmmm. Now that flavor is in our slightly sweet cordial. Wonderful with chocolate or cheesecake, oh why not have both. Check out our Cocktail Revival tab for recipes. Aroma: Berries and lots of them with a bit of chocolate Taste: Huckleberry syrup Finish: non cloying, nice and clean leaving only flavor to enjoy

    Huckleberry Cordial
  • Desert Lightning

    photos/Desert Lightning.png

    Aged for 2 years, our corn whisky still has the sweet corn flavor with the earthy tones of a bourbon.

    Desert Lightning
  • Finn


    Light, crisp and naturally flavored with Washington coastal huckleberries.

  • Coyote Howl

    photos/Coyote Howl.png

    A touch of the Old West. Barley, Oat and Rye with a touch of alchemy blend together to create a whisky that is truly Northwest style. This whisky was aged for 18 months in whisky barrels and dsitilled from the best grains in Washington State. Smooth as a desert sunset. See what all the hoowllling is about.

    Coyote Howl