About Black Heron Spirits Distillery and Ports

We are a small distillery based in West Richland, WA.  The building you see on the right encases our show room as well as the distillery portion on the back side.  It allows us to maintain a closeness with our customers while making small batches of high quality spirits.

We use barley to produce our vodka and gin.  Our other products are made from corn and grapes.

Come see our 300 gallon still, currently the largest in the state and learn some tidbits about distilling and cocktails.

How did we get here?

For years Joel owned a winery, making great wines and tending the vineyard.  The winery grew and grew.  Joel decided it was just too big and decided to sell.  Having sold the winery presented another dilemma..."What do I do now?!".

Not quite ready to retire Joel decided to follow his other interest, distilling and that is the creation of Black Heron Spirits.

Now where?

We ask ourselves that everyday.  We currently make 8 products with a couple more in the works and a few ideas on the chalkboard.  Check out the products page to see what we currently have available.

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BHS Front Right

Black Heron Spirits and Distillery is ready for business

Black Heron Spriits Showroom

Take a load off and relax at the Black Heron Spirits and Distillery.

Black Heron Spirits Still

Black Heron Spirits and Distillery still.